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Laidback, catchy reggae with bouncy beat needed! | 1200€ | 17.10.2022 11:00


For a fast food chain commercial, we are looking for upbeat and catchy reggae-ish music.
The track should be danceable, cheerful, even joyful and, most of all, catchy.
Vocal texture is very welcome, but best without recognizable words although all variations of “WOW” are strongly desired.

/We need unlimited cuts and showreel/awardshows rights in perpetuity/


SL2 – On A Ragga Tip

Mixture of urban and electro pop for fashion retailer needed | 30000€ | 19.10.2022 17:00

I’m currently working on a TV spot of a fashion retailer and we are looking for a mixture of urban and electro pop. It needs to appeal to a younger audience ideally genz and a. It should convey a positive mood and should be catchy and cool.

References are:
Central Cee – Doja
M.I.A. – Popular
Toddla T – Bad from mi born

The use includes influencer and user generated content. We need the rights for 4 months plus archive rights and showreel in perpetuity.

Melancholic Christmas Songs Needed | 4000€ | 12.10.2022 20:00

Melancholic Christmas Songs Needed

Hi there,

I’m working with a supermarkt brand and for its next campaign we are looking for great Christmas songs. Plus points if the track sounds “old” and more classic-ig like the references. It should be mid-tempo, cozy and melancholic (but not sad!!).


One Little Christmas Tree – Stevie Wonder
The Little Christmas Tree – Nat King Cole

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