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Stephan Winter is a composer, producer sound designer and grew up in Berlin. He surrounded himself with music from an early age. His passion inspired him to learn the keyboard and later the drums. But fascinated by electronic music soon the desire grew, to produce his own tracks. He turned his attention to making music with a computer and analog synthesizers.
Stephan has a degree as an audiovisual media designer and studied music & sound design at the Deutsche Pop Akademie Berlin. He is working as a freelancer and composed music for documentaries or movies in cooperation with the german filmmusic production Ludwig & Löhn. Furthermore he's working on different music projects. As DUBWIDTH, Stephan Winter creates dark textures accompanied by hypnotic synthesizer-sounds. He produces atmospheric, technoid tracks and plays as a live-act, with his project. You can catch him playing his live-set in renowned clubs. In 2020 he started a new alternative pop project with the munich based singer SACEL. Stay tuned...

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